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The ischemic symptom complex is characterized by the appearance of a feeling of fatigue, chilliness of the legs, paresthesia, numbness of the fingers, cramps in the calf muscles and feet. Sometimes obliterating endarteritis begins with the phenomena of migrating thrombophlebitis (thromboangiitis obliterans, Buerger's disease), which proceeds with the formation of blood clots in the saphenous veins of the lower leg and foot.

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For the diagnosis of obliterating endarteritis, a number of cialis tests are used (Goldflam, Shamova, Samuels, thermometric test, etc.), characteristic symptoms are examined (Opel plantar ischemia symptom, finger pressing symptom, Panchenko's knee phenomenon), which allow to identify insufficiency of arterial blood supply to the limb.


Establishing the diagnosis of obliterating endarteritis is helped by ultrasound examination of the vessels of the lower extremities, rheovasography, thermography, capillaroscopy, oscillography, and angiography of the lower extremities. In order to detect vascular spasm, functional tests are performed - pararenal blockade or paravertebral blockade of the lumbar ganglia.


The rheogram is characterized by a decrease in amplitude, smoothness of cialis of the wave in the leads from the lower leg and foot, and the disappearance of additional waves. The data of ultrasound studies (Dopplerography, duplex scanning) in patients with obliterating endarteritis indicate a decrease in blood flow velocity and make it possible to clarify the level of vessel obliteration.


Thermographic examination reveals a decrease in the intensity of infrared radiation in the affected parts of the limb. Obliterating endarteritis is differentiated from obliterating atherosclerosis, varicose veins, diabetic macroangiopathy, discogenic myelopathy, pain in the legs caused by arthrosis and arthritis, myositis, flat feet, sciatica.

With obliterating endarteritis, physiotherapeutic and balneological treatment is effective (UHF, diadynamic currents, electrophoresis, diathermy, ozokerite applications, hydrogen sulfide, radon, coniferous general baths, local foot baths), hyperbaric oxygenation. A prerequisite for effective treatment of obliterating endarteritis is a complete cessation of smoking.


In the early stages of obliterating endarteritis, conservative therapy is carried out aimed at relieving spasm of the vascular wall, stopping the inflammatory process, preventing thrombosis and improving microcirculation:


The courses of tadalafil drug therapy use antispasmodics (drotaverine, nicotinic acid), anti-inflammatory drugs (antibiotics, antipyretics, corticosteroids), vitamins (B, E, C), anticoagulants (phenindione, heparin), antiplatelet agents (pentoxifylline, dipyridamole), etc. intra-arterial infusions of vasaprostan or alprostadil.


All interventions for obliterating endarteritis are divided into two groups: palliative (improving the function of collaterals) and reconstructive (restoring impaired blood circulation). The group of palliative operations includes various types of cialis 20 mg pills:

Reconstructive surgery for obliterating endarteritis may include shunting or prosthesis of the artery, thromboembolectomy, dilatation or stenting of the peripheral artery, but are rarely performed, only with obturation of a small area of ​​the vessel.

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The operation is indicated for the ulcerative-necrotic stage of obliterating endarteritis, pain at rest, severe intermittent claudication at IIB degree.

The presence of gangrene is an indication for amputation of a limb segment (amputation of the toes, amputation of the foot, amputation of the lower leg). Isolated necrosis of the fingers with a clear demarcation line allows you to limit yourself to exarticulation of the phalanges or necrectomy.

The scenario for the development of obliterating endarteritis depends on the observance of preventive measures - the elimination of provoking factors, the avoidance of injuries to the limbs, the regularity of drug therapy courses, and dispensary observation of a vascular surgeon.

With a favorable course, it is possible to maintain remission for a long time and avoid the progression of obliterating endarteritis.

Otherwise, the inevitable outcome of the disease will be gangrene and loss of a limb. Brachymetatarsia of the fingers - types and causes of the development of pathology, clinical symptoms and diagnosis, conservative and surgical methods of treatment, possible complications and prognosis.

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You have come for important information and now let's talk about Brachydactyly 5 pathology options and aboutoverview of treatment methods.

Attention, always before prescribing diagnoses or medications/treatment, you should always consult with professional specialists in your field and do not self-medicate. Of course, you can quickly find the answer to the simplest questions and diagnose yourself at home.

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Maybe in your case it was different, but we'll tell you how it usually happens. Write your wishes in the comments, together we will improve and supplement the quality of the material provided. Hereditary pathology will be diagnosed by an orthopedist or surgeon. Specialists in 90% of cases prescribe surgical treatment to patients to correct external defects.

A genetics consultation is recommended for women in the following situations: The father or mother of the future baby was previously diagnosed with thumb brachydactyly. The expectant mother and father already have a child with a similar genetic disease. There are close or distant relatives in the family who have been diagnosed with thumb brachydactyly.


The same applies to women or men who decide to marry a person whose relatives have such a disease. Married couples in this situation are advised to adopt children in order to completely avoid brachydactyly of tadalafil. Symptoms of arthritis of the big toe and treatment of the disease.

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Before the operation, a complete diagnosis is carried out, the doctor needs to know the severity of cialis. Successful surgical intervention will allow you to fully restore the disturbed functions of the fingers.